How to Use MDI

The MDI group can function in a variety of ways with its clients. In order to assist you in getting the maximum satisfaction and service from your relationship with us, we offer the following descriptions for your selection:
As Trainers
In this relationship, the primary focus of MDI personnel is to train the client in specific methodologies so as to enable the client to use them independently thereafter. The concerns of the client may indeed be the content around which the training process is organized, but resolution of the concerns presented will not be the prime objective. In choosing the training role for MDI, the client is, therefore, indicating that the need at this point is to be equipped with methods, tools of analysis, and skills to  be able to deal with their concerns in an an ongoing way.

As Advisors
In this relationship, MDI will, upon request, move into active analysis and advice on matters that concern the client. MDI then draws on its broad base of experiences with organizations similar to the client in evaluating its situation and in recommending courses of action. The client is, of course, free to accept, reject, or modify such recommendations. Decisions and implementation continue to be the responsibility of the client.

As Organizational Enablers
In this relationship, MDI starts by developing with the client an agreement on objectives to be achieved in our work together over a period of time. In accordance with the agreement thus developed, MDI personnel then assume an active leadership function:

  sometimes advising;
  sometimes designing and implementing programs;
  sometimes training.
In short, MDI assumes responsibility with the client to do whatever is necessary to achiee the mutually developed objectives. Bot parties are accountable for living up to the conditions outlined in the agreement.
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