Recent Projects
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The Paulists: This community was seeking to align its ministerial priorities in light of the gifts of the men and the changing situations in church and society. MDI provided the process ideas and facilitation for the steering committee charged with creating engaging and productive dialogue among all the members. At a first-ever assembly of all the Paulists in Albuquerque in the summer of 2004 the congregation made a strategic choice to create regional models for providing a range of Paulist ministries. MDI continues to assist the community in the process of determining the criteria to be used in creating regional centers, and then in the actual choice of sites for such centers.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati-Xavier University Schools Project: With a grant from the Buenger Foundation the achrdiocese and the university are engaged in a 5-year project to upgrade the leadership and managerial skills of 19 parochial schools, with a special focus on enhancing the teaching of math and science. MDI has been providing leadership training, using our manual "A Human Systems Approach to Leadership: Training in the Ethical Use of Power."

Cincinnati-area school districts: MDI is providing process design and facilitation skills for SFA architects as they engage different school districts in developing master plans for their facilities and crerate public engagement strategies for bringing the citizens of a district into planning and broader ownership of these institutions, leading to important strategy decisions about initiating bond levy campaigns

IHM Parish, Cincinnati: MDI assistedthe Strategic Planning Committee of this Catholic faith community in developing a new 5-year plan for their future
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers: the project involved the discovery of the best way to re-structure the ministry and life of the Brothers in the U.S. and Canada. The conversations engaged  all the members of two U.S. provinces and a Canadian province, leading to decision to abolish the existing units in favor of a single North American province. The final decision was made at a plenary assembly of the brothers in the summer of 2004.