A Sketch of MDI's Story and Philosophy

Management Design Institute is an organizational consultation firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The prime focus of the MDI group is on organizational health. MDI was founded in 1969.

MDI is uniquely concerned to enable groups to manage change and transformation. We work in a way that engages the commitment and enthusiasm of people within the client group and gives honor to the benefits, values and norms in which that group is grounded. We have developed concepts and processes that empower people to envision their future more clearly and to move toward it with shared purpose and vitality.

MDI consultants offer people and their organizations the fresh perspectives they need for shaping the future they want. In addition to insights from many fields of learning, MDI has a wealth of experience working with dioceses, school systems, religious communities, professional firms, commercial organizations, health care institutions, government agencies and civic associations.

The following assumptions undergird the philosophy, goals and strategies of MDI consultation :

● All of human reality is characterized by a pattern of life, death, and             resurrection. This is as true of organizations and societies as it is of                         individuals.

● Change is inevitable. How change will come about, what shape it will take, and where it will lead are still matters of powerful choice.

● All of human history has a purpose and a meaning. No facet of human        experience is ultimately without meaning, including the many forms of                    death and sin.

● Our basic stance is to develop the positive possibilities present in any         situation, rather than to concentrate our energies on resolving its                             problems.

● The supreme value in any organization is the people who choose to invest themselves in it. All the structures and systems we develop in  organizations are of value only insofar as they promote the development of the persons they are intended to serve.

MDI serves its clients in a variety of possible ways: as trainers, designers anc implementers of program, as advisors, as organizational enablers, and as administrators We also facilitate meetings and other events.
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